Monday, December 7, 2015

New Crossover KAMsnaps Hand Pliers Installs Plastic & Metal Snaps and Removes Plastic Snaps

Our new KAMsnaps KX6 crossover pliers break the barrier in hand pliers. These are the Lexus of pliers and are a cross between the pliers and the table-top press.  Not only are they constructed of heavy duty alloy steel and provide a more professional and consistent press compared to our basic KAM snap pliers, but they are also able to install a variety of plastic snap sizes and open-ring grip metal snaps and to remove plastic snaps.

Open-ring metal snaps 

They come with 6 die sets to do it all, and have pre-drilled holes in the handles so they can be mounted to a foot pedal.

Full comparison of KX6 Crossover Pliers vs Basic KAM Pliers
See how they work here.

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