Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pronged Studs to Make Double-Sided Snaps 40% Off!

Pronged studs are what you need to convert your regular snaps into double-sided snaps. Colored pronged studs will be discontinued once we're out (only black & white will be offered). 1800 pcs in a mix of 18 colors for just $24.99. That's over 40% off! Limited supply.

Please don't forget you do need a special die to install these. You can use either KAM pliers or a KAM press. More info here: http://www.kamsnaps.com/double-sided-snaps-c78/

The Convertabunz pattern from Bunzuke Cloth is a great example of how versatile pronged studs are. For those not familiar, a Convertabunz is a single piece that converts to all these things:
1. Snapping newborn/infant prefold
2. Snapping infant/toddler prefold
3. Fitted newborn/infant diaper
4. Fitted infant/toddler diaper
5. “Stay Dry” snap-in soaker
6. Pocket diaper insert
7. Elasticized insert
8. Pocket to add extra absorbency

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUN2faXinLU
You can buy the pattern here: http://hyenacart.com/stores/bunzuke/)