Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Double-Sided KAM Snaps Can Do

What's a pronged stud?  You know that a stud is the male piece of snap.  A pronged stud is the same piece, except it has a prong on the bottom.  You use this piece to make a double-sided snap.

What's a double-sided snap?  As the name implies, it's a snap that fastens to another snap on either side. In other words, it is sandwiched between 2 other snaps. In the photo below, a pronged stud is secured to a socket in the center.  This forms the double-sided snap, which can then be fastened to snaps on both sides.

Theoretically, you could stack double-sided snaps on top of each other and have it go on forever.

Here are some creative ideas on what double-sided snaps can be used for.

Quiet/Busy Book: The pages of this quiet book were connected using pronged studs. Each page can be unsnapped and therefore removed. Or additional pages can be added in any sequence, and the pages can be rearranged.

Layered Diaper Inserts: A double-sided snap allows inserts to be layered on top of each other for extra absorbancy when needed, then unsnapped for easy washing and drying.

Crossover Tabs on Cloth Diapers: Double-sided snaps are used for the crossover tabs.

Feeding Pump Bag: Double-sided snaps are used to attach the feeding pump bag to the insulated pump bag.

Attach Wipe Bag to Wet Bag Handle: A double-sided snap on the pink wipe bag allows the bag to be attached to the handle of the larger wet bag. One less thing in your hand when you're rushing baby to the bathroom for a diaper change.

Attach Custom Hoodie to Kinderpack Carrier: Double-sided snaps are used on the strap of the custom hoodie so that it can fasten to both sides of the hoodie pocket on a Kinderpack baby carrier.

Fabric Sampler Book: Layers of fabric are attached to each other with double-sided snaps to create a sampler book.

Interactive Clock:  A double-sided snap was used for the bottom hand of the clock. The bottom hand is able to fasten to both the clock as well as the top hand. 

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