Friday, October 12, 2012

Vendors & WAHMs: Help Us Celebrate 5,000 Facebook Fans

We are nearing a whopping 5,000 "likes" on Facebook!  Once we reach 5,000, we're going to celebrate by holding a giveaway which will include an $80 KAM professional table-top snap press.  We'd also like to invite any other vendors or WAHMs to join us!

If you have a product you are willing to give away to a lucky winner, please send us an email at  Please include:
  • a photo of the product you're giving away or if you're giving away a discount code, any product photo that you'd like us to share
  • the name of the item you're giving away
  • a link to your Facebook page and online store if you have one
  • a quick description of the kind of items you make/sell (ie. diapers, bibs, soap, etc).
We will include all of that information in the giveaway (as well as in a blog post and our newsletter), which will provide you with a bit of extra marketing exposure.
The product does *not* have to be snap-related and there isn't any hard deadline to contact us other than once the giveaway starts, which probably will not be until Nov at the earliest.

We do ask that you be willing to cover US shipping of your product.  Alternatively, instead of offering a product directly, you can also offer a discount code for a certain amount off (minimum $10) to apply towards a product or purchase and the winner will be responsible for paying anything in excess of that.

For the giveaway, we'll pick a different winner for each prize.

So far, the following skilled crafters have signed up to participate in our upcoming 5,000 FB likes giveaway:


Emilie Papp said...

I use kam snaps, but does the item offered have to have snaps on it?

Kam Snaps said...

Emilie, it doesn't have to be snap-related. Thanks for asking that. I've edited the post to include that information.

Emilie Papp said...

thank you. =)