Saturday, March 26, 2016

Floral Printed KAMsnaps K2 Hand Pliers

Our KAMsnaps® K2 pliers are now available in a gorgeous floral print, while supplies last.  With or without snaps.

Nursing Clasps to Make Bras & Tank Tops Nursing-Friendly


If you've ever tried to shop for a nursing bra or tank top, you'll know just how expensive they can be--if you can even find the right fit!  Now you can easily convert your regular bra or tank into a nursing bra or tank with our nursing clasps.  Available at

(You can also do this with just snaps on bras and tank tops!)

KAMsnaps Giveaway & Sale: Snap Removal Pliers

WIN IT!  Enter our Facebook giveaway for a chance to win a set of removal pliers for plastic snaps.  These pliers allow you to safely and quickly remove problem snaps without damaging your material.  And many people report that the size 20 socket and stud can be reused!  Removal pliers are also 15% off through April 10, 2016 at

Engraved Paw Print KAM Snaps

Love pets?  We do!  These engraved paw print snaps are a great way to celebrate your furry baby.  Available at while supplies last.

Colorful Decorative KAM Snaps

These bright and beautiful snaps have been painted and then engraved so that the underlying snap color shows through.  A very eye-catching addition to any project!  Available at while supplies last.

Engraved Absorbancy Level KAM Snaps for Cloth Menstrual Mama Pads

These engraved caps in size 16 are marked L for light, M for medium, and H for heavy, a perfect way to label your cloth menstrual mama pads for absorbancy levels.  These caps are compatible with both size 16 sockets & studs as well as size 20 sockets & studs.  Available while supplies last at

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

KAM Snap Removal Pliers on Sale

Hand-held snap removal pliers are on sale through Friday at  This kit makes removing plastic snaps a breeze and is completely safe on fabric.

Engraved Paw Prints KAM Snaps

Engraved paw prints snaps are available for a limited time at